Loving Flex

Flex is good!

I’ve been reading about the buzz Adobe created by making Flex open source, but hadn’t bothered to delve much. I’ve come to love the power of AJAX on the web and am not always very thrilled when a Flash-based web application comes along. One of the reasons why I’d not tried Scrapblog as yet even after reading some very positive reviews.

Yesterday night though, I was waiting on some stuff to be completed for my review and decided to dig into my things-to-check list (on todoist, btw); and boy was I impressed with scrapblog! It’s sleek, fast, beautiful and above all it works like a charm. I was up and running, creating my first scrapbook-style slideshow of photos in minutes. Didn’t even have to upload anything – scrapblog nicely played along with my flickr account and pulled the photos I selected in a matter of seconds.

My excitement then carried me beyond scrapblog and into the world of Flex. Haven’t tried out too many of those applications in the numerous Flex showcases around the web, but from what I see, it is one cool technology. The next time I have some space, I know I’m heading to one of those lists to try out some new stuff.

There’s a web application world beyond AJAX; and it rocks! I’m excited to see what Microsoft’s Silverlight brings to the table, but it’ll probably be a while before we see some action there. And I know what I’ll be busy exploring till then…


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